Lakeside Casting Quality

For each die cast project, we work together with our customers to develop a customized quality system. The system ensures that design requirements are met, product specifications are maintained and castings are fully traceable.


OGP Smartscope Flash 500

With our OGP Smart-scope vision system, we quickly and accurately measure many different features, including features that may be too small to measure with a touch probe. We also have the capability to measure multiple parts at once.

Our Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine allows incredibly precise measurement of our manufactured components.

Our SpectroMAXx stationary metal analyzer allows us to perform optical wavelength based analysis of our certified zinc alloys to ensure that we use only high-quality alloys that meet ASTM (B86, B240) zinc standards.

Our Mitutoyo PH-3500 Optical Comparator with attached 2D Data processor allows us to perform quick and accurate optical checks for features such as thread pitch.